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Spring Roll Wrappers | How to make spring roll wrappers

I have never made spring rolls before forget wrappers. But my maiden attempt at making both of them turned out simply awesome. I thought making the wrappers was going to be a messy affair but my experience was nothing close to that. Follow this easy recipe and make the best spring roll wrappers in town. No one will be able to tell if it’s ready made or home made 🙂 Do try out my spring roll recipe and you surely wont be disappointed.


  1. 250 g all purpose flour
  2. 3 tbsps cornflour
  3. 300 ml water
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Oil to drizzle from sides

Procedure to make spring roll wrappers

  1. In a large kneading bowl, add all purpose flour, salt, cornflour, water and mix well to form a smooth batter with no lumps. It should have a runny consistency

  2. Now drizzle some oil in a flat pan and heat on medium flame. Spread the batter with a laddle and make a small, thin pancake.

  3. When the sides start to curl, remove from flame and keep aside with the cooked side faced upwards. There is no need to flip and cook from both sides.

  4. Stack up all the wrappers one by one and keep refrigerated until further use. Bring to room temprature before using them. (Optional -You could keep a butter paper between the wrappers to avoid sticking, if storing for a week . I did not keep any and it turned out just fine:)

  5. Your spring roll wrappers are ready to be used.


I have referred to Veg recipes of India for the recipe. The recipe is just so perfect.


  • It’s important that you use good quality of cornflour for the batter. I have used Weikfield.
  • Keep you wrappers covered if using them within an hour or later during the day so as to retain it’s moisture and softness.