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Paneer Tikka ⎪ How to make Paneer tikka without oven

Cottage cheese also known as ‘paneer’ in India is the most popular and sought after food item in India after Naan. This soft piece of cheese can be used in a variety of dishes right from salads to desserts. The versatility of this foodstuff is what makes people go gaga over it. One such recipe that I’m going to share with you all today is of Paneer tikka dry. This is my very own recipe and therefore have no references. You could draw inspiration from this recipe and create your own version as it’s very simple and easy to follow. If you are interested in other paneer dishes do check out my Paneer Masala gravy and Paneer Gulab Jamun recipes.


  1. 250 g of fresh/frozen paneer
  2. 250 g red/green bell peppers
  3. 125 g of fresh thick curd
  4. 2 tsps of gram flour/besan
  5. 1 tbsp of lemon juice
  6. 50 g of fresh cream
  7. 2 tsps ginger garlic paste
  8. 3 tsps of red chilli powder
  9. 2 tsps cumin powder
  10. salt to taste
  11. 2 tbsps oil to shallow fry
  12. 1 tbsp of honey
Marination : 2 hrs Cooking time : 10-15 minsServes : 3-4

Procedure to make paneer tikka

  1. In a large mixing bowl add diced capsicum/ bell peppers and cubed paneer pieces to it

  2. Now add all the ingredients to the paneer and mix well, make sure that the paneer pieces are coated well.

  3. Cover with a kling wrap and keep refrigerated for about 2 hours. Do not marinate overnight as the paneer pieces may eventually break

  4. Now heat some oil in a pan and arrange the paneer and capsicum pieces on a wooden skewer and fry for about 5 mins.

  5. After 5 mins cover and cook for another 5 mins so that the paneer and capsicum are well done.

  6. Sprinkle a little bit of chaat masala from the top if you’d like and Your Paneer tikkas are ready to be sreved with mint chutney.


  • You could add more spices depending on your spice level
  • Adding some chopped green chillies to the ginger garlic paste can also add in more flavour.