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Paneer Gulab Jamuns

How easily one can find paneer/ cottage cheese in India. A Indian Restaurant without paneer is incomplete. When I first moved abroad it took me several months to find paneer. How I longed for paneer. But those days are way behind me and now paneer is stacked up in my refrigerator as if it were to be a dairy. Many times I have some left over paneer and I really don’t know what can I do with such little quantity. I either make sandwiches or stuffed parathas, but this time I decided to make something sweet. My Favourite Indian dessert paneer gulab jamun.

Paneer gulab jamuns


  1. 125g grated/crumbled paneer
  2. 2 tsps rava
  3. 3 tsp maida/all purpose flour
  4. 1/4 baking soda
  5. 3 tsps milk
  6. 2 cups sugar
  7. 3-4 pods of cardamoms
  8. 2 cups water
  9. 7-8 Pistachios
Prep Time: 10minsCooking Time: 30 minsServes : 3-4

Procedure to make paneer gulab jamuns

  1. Making the dough

    Crumble paneer in bowl and add semolina, flour and baking soda to it. Mix well

  2. Now slowly add milk and knead the dough until soft and smooth.

  3. Make small balls of the mixture and set aside

  4. Making the Sugar Syrup

    Add the pods of cardamoms to water and sugar and bring to boil. After 10mins check if the solution is sticky, if its sticky turn off the flame and let it cool down. We don’t desire to have the one string consistency as it won’t be soaked by the gulab jamuns

  5. Frying the gulab jamuns

    Fry the gulab jamuns until golden brown. Be careful to not burn them.

  6. Add the syrup

    Then add the gulab jamuns to the syrup and let it soak for atleast 5-6 hrs before serving

  7. Garnish with pistas and serve immediately. Do try out my other dessert recipes like triflepuddingwithoutwine