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Semolina Pancakes

Semolina or ground Durum Wheat is one such foodstuff that is packed with a whole of goodness and health benefits. This Coarse Semolina is used all over the world in various cuisines. Be it Pasta, Cousccous, Upma or Sweet Dishes the purpose is just the same. To fill your tummy 🙂 My preparation of Semolina can be enjoyed at breakfast or as a tea time snack. It’s super healthy for all my diet conscious friends out there so go ahead and try!!! here is my new recipe, ta-da!


  1. 1 cup coarse Semolina
  2. 1 cup Fresh Curd
  3. 2 cups of chopped veggies. I have used Carrots, French beans, Cabbage and Red bell peppers.
  4. Salt to taste
  5. 2 tsp of Paprika ( if you like more hot, you could add more)
  6. 1 cup of warm water
  7. 7-8 tsps of oil for frying
Pre time: 5 minsCooking Time: 20minsServes: 3


Time needed: 30 minutes.

  1. Clean, wash and finely chop all the vegetables and add to a medium sized mixing bowl.

  2. Add in the fresh curd to it.

  3. Now add in the coarse semolina

  4. Put some salt and paprika too, ( optional: if you want some more flavour you could add in some cumin powder, coriander powder and garam masala)

  5. Mix well and pour in a little bit of water to get a batter like consistency.

  6. Now spread the batter on the pan until you get a small sized pancake. Drizzle some oil from the top onto it.

  7. Roast from both sides until they are crispy and well cooked.

  8. Your Semolina pancakes are ready to be relished. Serve with any dip it’s going to taste fab!